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From: Mark Walker

Subject: Dear Marketer This is really important!

Protect Your Affiliate Commissions.
Stop Your Links Being Hijacked and
Bypassed, In Just Seconds.

Power Link Cloaker is not a cheap and buggy cloaking software tool that you can find everywhere on the net. No! Power Link Cloaker has been custom built from the ground up giving you maximum protection, cloaking your links in the stealthiest of manners that you can think of. Keeping your affiliate ID details safe and invisible. It also allows you to redirect PPC, CPA and other campaigns direct to Sales Pages with ease.

Power Link Cloaker cloaks better than any online free URL shorteners.

Here's A Sneak Peak At
What Power Link Cloaker Can Do...

 Hide your ugly affiliate links and boost your click through rate by at least 400%
Protect your affiliate links and keep your hard earned commissions from being stolen from nasty affiliate thieves
Redirect your cloaked links to any site of your choice so that others won't even notice it's an affiliate link (you will still be credited with your commissions!)
Give you the ability to bypass merchant's squeeze pages and send your prospects directly to their sales page or even the order page!
Provide you the luxury of linking to even your own sale pages that you've created or other marketing materials in the event that your merchant's sales pages are of an inferior quality
Skyrocket your affiliate commissions and elevate you to the super affiliates status!

And much much more...  

Today I am offering you the very same tool I use to create all of my links plus as a FREE bonus through this site. 100% re-brandable re- rights!! Absolutely FREE!! ($67 value)

I normally sell Power Link Cloaker re-branding rights for an additional $67 as one of my central products, so please remember some people you may come across have PAID for this. Please don't rub it in their faces that you got the re-brading rights for free, but make sure you grab a testimonial from them for when you rebrand your copy of this amazing software. This really is a very cool piece of software that EVERY serious Internet Marketer should use to protect their income. Many top internet marketers use it everyday on their campaigns.

I mean LOOK!

Are You Looking Like A Flat Out
Embarrassing Newbie?

Let's find out....

Here are some of the UGLIEST links that I have been given by some of the Top Marketers on the planet to promote over the last few months alone!!

Some may still still work some may be dead as promotions have finished BUT...

Do you continue to promote links like the ones below?

Is This Really You?



OH MY GOSH look at these !!

Now would you like to have the opportunity to be able to give away this cool piece of software freely and create an avalanche of traffic to your websites and sales for your business?

If you yearn for more traffic, links, sales, income and if you are ready to take the plunge and apply one of the most powerful marketing strategies for your business, just read on...


I'm allowing you to own the Master Resell Rights & 100% Rebrandable Rights to Power Link Cloaker

See, this amazing piece of software does not only cloak your affiliate links with convenience and ease. With the rebranding rights which I'll allow you to own if you decide to take action fast, it makes everything...

Here's how it works... Just follow these 4 easy steps!

You can rebrand unlimited welcome pages, banners and text links which will be rotated and displayed randomly in your rebranded version. You can also change the name of the software and also the interface via the skins that I provide.

Thus, everytime someone opens the software, a new banner and new text links of yours will appear hence allowing you to earn from MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME.

But there's MORE..

You also get to rebrand the 'Make Money' button found inside the software. So that whenever someone clicks on the 'Make Money' button, you get paid 100% commissions instantly to your Paypal account!

This is a crazy chance for you to make money while giving away a very useful piece of free software.

Voila! Your automated sales tool is created in 2-3 minutes! And now, you just need to...

You can give the rebranded software away and use it to explode your list or you can choose to sell it and cash the full amount for yourself. Remember I sell it for $67. You can even submit your rebranded software to software download sites and let it be downloaded over and over again on autopilot mode.

Your advertisement will be viewed by every single person who is going to download and use your own rebranded version of Power Link Cloaker. And through your own links and banners inside the software, this viral tool will bring you tons of traffic and sales for YEARS to come.

In other words, it will be like an automated sales agent working for you day and night... NON-STOP...

And guess what? You can also pass on the giveaway rights to others so they can help you promote your business even while you are sleeping!

This is YOUR chance of having an army of sales agents promote YOUR business for you..

You could well be looking at a paypal account full of cash or an autoresponder
list size like this:



Now here's a new added feature that is going to really delight you! There's now an extra communication feature inside my software rebranders which allows you to actually send messages to your rebranded software users! There's a video showing you this inside the Members Area.

This provides an excellent alternative to traditional email marketing which is fast losing it's effectiveness due to the amount of Spam type messages that our customers simply ignore. And as your software gets spread across the Internet, you'll be able to reach out to a whole new group of potential prospects who're not even your subscribers in the first place!

Of course you are!

You may not know this but everyone loves FREE software. So you can be sure to keep your list of subscribers/customers/blog readers happy by giving away your own rebranded version of Power Link Cloaker and they'll be glad to do the same thing for their own benefit too. And with the newly added communication feature, it will simply skyrocket your online income.


Here's just a fraction of what you can do
with your OWN viral software:

Rebrand over a dozen different software titles filled with YOUR own banners and text links leading to either your own or affiliate websites.
Profit by selling the software at full market value and earn the full amount. (you could well have a software business empire up and running!)
Give the rebranded software, loaded with your website links, away for free as a lead generator and watch your list EXPLODE.
Present yourself as a valuable resource to new website visitors and past customers/readers. (and make them your raving fans!)
Collect hefty commissions & daily sales when others click on your banners & text links inside the software and purchases.
Upload your rebranded software to all the giveaway and download sites and establish yourself as a market leader.
Experience a surge in traffic once your software makes it's way across the Internet... and users of the software see your websites prominently displayed.
And much much more...


These testimonials include some of the 'paying' customers.

Made 1000% of My Money Back in Under 30 Days!

Dear Mark,

Just wanted to shoot you a quick line. I'm a pretty successful marketer and I recently came across your Keyword product. I loved the concept so I bought a copy off of you and then within a day I rebranded it. After rebranding it I repackaged it so to speak.

Not only did my list members and my web site visitors get an awesome piece of software at an unbeatable price in which to do their keyword research with but I also made 1000% of my money back in under 30 days.

Now I'm not a rocket scientist but show me another affiliate program or rebrandable product that can do that!?! The viral aspect of the product will help it sell itself time and time again.

You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work and please keep designing software like this.


Michael Brown


Absolutely Awesome Feature That Affiliate Marketers Can't Help But Place Value On!

As an Internet affiliate marketer, these viral tools are very useful to me. Normally, being able to find truly useful tools at such an extraordinarily reasonable price would be enough to keep me smiling.

But these software products are SO MUCH more valuable than that! The fact that these tools are designed to be GIVEN AWAY is an absolutely AWESOME feature that affiliate marketers can't help but place value on.

To get opt-ins, or to provide the extra "incentive" for a customer to buy from me vs. somebody else, I have to provide something extra -- something of value to them.

Before Power Link Cloaker came along, most of my bonuses were ebooks I'd acquired the rights to. I never provided anything to my customers I didn't think was good, but let's be honest -- ebooks are usually not exciting.

That's why I got so excited myself when Mark started Power Link Cloaker & his other products. Now I can provide my customers with bonuses THEY can get excited about (who doesn't love getting software bonuses?).

Not only that, I can get my customers even more excited because I can tell them that they can give these bonuses away to THEIR customers!! Now THAT's cool! And for the icing on the cake, these tools are loaded up with links that point to products I'm promoting as an affiliate!

So as these tools make their way from me to my customers, to THEIR customers, the number of affiliate links that will bring me extra money increases exponentially! LOL!! It doesn't get much better than that!!

Thank you Mark for coming up with this. Now if only I could figure out how to keep you from making these available to my competitors.

Scott Sutherland
Oviedo, FL


Fantastic Way To Build A Relationship With My List!

Well Mark...

What can I say, you have really done it again. I thought I was on a winner with your  Keyword software, not only did my keyword research go through the roof, but also my
list building has skyrocketed as a result of being able to give away this fantastic product to my prospects.

Now I also have Impact Web Audio and Power Link Cloaker to add to my portfolio. I am sure my list will be thankful to receive these awesome pieces of software as well. What a fantastic way to build the relationship with my list.

I can't wait to see what you come up with next.


Steve Roberts
MLM NetTrends


 Recent Case Study


Email sent: 5000 random members.

Link Sent: UGLY normal affiliate link.


Click Thru Stats: only 47 Total clicks

That was less than 1% click thru rate. Are you suffering the same thing?


EMAIL B) - Power Link Used

Email sent: NEW set of 5000 random members.

Link Sent: Power Link Cloaker Link


Click Thru Stats: a whopping 451 Total clicks



UGLY Normal Affiliate Link:

47 Total clicks:
1 sale - 2.01% Conversion On Sales Letter
Income - $47

Power Link Cloaker Link

451 Total Clicks:
31 Sales - 6.89% Conversion On Sales Letter
Income - $1415

Power Link Cloaker proved to increase clicks and sales by  OVER 900% !

Note: Using this product just one time will pay for itself or we will refund you on the spot!


"Thanks For This Awesome Tool!"

"Mark, I just HAD to write to tell you that the Power Link software is AWESOME! I've been looking for something like this for quite awhile. I've got several tracking tools/scripts but some of them are so complicated to setup and use that it's like a nightmare.

And they ALL still lack a VERY USEFUL feature that's included in your new software, affiliate squeeze page by-pass. Now I can send my customers straight to the Sales Page!!

In fact, A friend and I were just discussing having some software made  specifically like this. You've just saved us lots of TIME and MONEY!

I also love the SIMPLICITY of this thing. At first sight, it didn't seem like much...but after opening it up, I've found that this is MUCH easier to USE than ANY other claoking software I've seen to date! Because there is NO script installation.

Before, I had to use separate tools to generate a redirect page and a cloaking page to promote affiliate products. But NOW, I can use whichever I want just by clicking a button!

Did I mention I love the POWER wrapped into something so SIMPLE to INSTALL and USE? Thanks again!

Wow man, this thing is AWESOME!

Thanks for yet another awesome tool!"

Matt Fulger
"I Hate Ugly, Annoying Links..."


I'm a loyal reader of your e-mail newsletter and announcements. When I first noticed the recommend links in your messages, I thought, how did he do that? I bet he paid some programmer thousands to create those links.

I love recommending helpful products to my e-zine subscribers but I hate filling up each issue with a bunch of ugly, annoying links.

Thanks to "Power Link Cloaker" I can create professional-looking links when I recommend any product or service.

Mark, you never cease to amaze me :) Great job!"
Larry Dotson
"Links Are Often Long, Cumbersome, And Daunting..."

"Hi Mark, One of the challenges I've been facing, in promoting affiliate programs, is that the links are often long, cumbersome, and daunting.

Also, there's some resistance when folks see something that looks like an affiliate link, even when we know that it doesn't cost them any more. In fact, I had an occasion when I got some real pushback for promoting affiliate links on a mailing list.

With Power Link Cloaker, I can not only create a shorter and more attractive link, I can also cloak it so folks don't get all bound up in it being an affiliate link.

This software works! It's a must for any serious affiliate marketer."

Steven List

I have put together a very powerful and easy to use piece of software.
All you do is create a directory on your server like one of these...

(Directory On Your Server)

  • .com/recommends/
  • .com/presents/
  • .com/introduces/

...and NOW you can create a link like one of these:


and watch your sales sky- rocket!

Look at all these great features:

You Get...

  • Promote The Most Professional Looking Links That People Want to Click

  • Stop Promoting Links That Scream: "You're Making Money On Me!"

  • Increase Your Sales by over 900%

  • Create A New Campaign On The Fly

  • Track Hits To Any Link You Make

  • Track By Any Set Of Dates Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days

  • Track Hits For Life and Reset Clicks

  • Unlimited Campaigns to Track

  • Work With or Without MySQL

  • Link Cloaking - Mask Your Links Hard in the URL Address Bar or use redirect.

  • Stop Marketing Thieves By Cloaking Your Links

  • Hide Your Affiliate ID So It's Not Replaced By The Person You Are Offering The Product

  • Easy To Use Wizard Gets You Going In Minutes

  • Graduate To The Big Leagues

Compatible With And...

  • Improves your Links

  • Improves your Links

  • Improves your Links

  • Improves your ClickBank Links

  • Improves your Amember Links

  • Improves your Ultimate Affiliate Manager Links

  • Improves ANY 3rd Party Affiliate Manager Links


  • Your Own Domain - ( $6.99 at One& if you do not have one.) See OFFERS HERE

  • Windows And Mac Compatible

  • Also! Use on as many domains as you want. Unlimited use License

Bonus #1: 15 New Skins

I''ll also throw in 15 additional NEW skins which can also be used to brand ALL of your software! Your software will look according to your preferences and you'll never be bored with the same old boring interface!

Bonus #2: One Ready Made Squeeze/Sales Page

You also get one fully customizable squeeze/sales page with graphics to the software which you can immediately upload to your server and use to either build your list or sell your own rebranded software.

Bonus #3: Instant access to the upgraded affiliate program 

You also gain access to the upgraded affiliate program for Power Link Cloaker whereby you get paid instant commissions for every sale you make. And with such a high converting product, you're bound to make A LOT of sales. Make just one sale per day and you easily pocket over $1000 every single month.

You will also receive full access to the affiliate promotional tools so you can conveniently use them to make some instant cash for yourself.

Bonus #4: Lifetime Updates & Full Technical Support

You get lifetime upgrades completely free of charge. So when as time goes by and more features are added, you'll receive them without having to pay a single cent. Even when the price rises in the future, you will not have to pay extra.

In addition, you receive full technical support for all the software

Do you crave full access to all the above?

If yes...

I have good news! I am lowering the price just for you as soon as you grab your copy of Power Link Cloaker.

So if you are ready to take the plunge and start driving swarms of cash-in-hand visitors to your website and help your business grow virally, take action at this very moment. 


100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don't find this the easiest way to Create Great Looking Customised Links and stop promoting ugly URL's just let me know in the first 30 days and I will issue you a prompt refund.

I am so sure you will find this one of the smartest investments you have ever made and that is why I can offer such a great guarantee!

- Mark Walker

Yes Mark!

I Can't Wait To Get My Hands On
This Software Incredible Offer!

Please Give Me Access To This Great Tool. I Need It Now To Instantly Improve My Conversions On My Next Promotion!

       Over 3000 Happy Customer and Growing...

Only $197
$97.00 USD
~~ For A Very Limited Time
inc. FREE 100% re-sale rights ~~

Click here for instant download

To Your Online Success,

Mark Walker

P.S. Remember, all the extra bonus stuff is on the inside and so that's where a little known secret will also be revealed showing you how you can easily make back your investment many times over. In 20 minutes you can possibly make it back 10 or even a 100 times! Don't wait!

P.P.S. This is YOUR chance of turning your business completely viral and driving a TON of exposure and traffic to your websites. Can you imagine how much more profit you can make for your business? Heck! You can even get others to promote your business for you! So do not hesitate and act fast! 

P.P.P.S. - People will just love your links as they think you are recommending a great service and it will not appear to them that you are trying to make affiliate commissions. Your customer satisfaction will be triple!

P.P.P.P.S.. Hey! How Many More Reasons? - Remember, I offer a 100% No Questions asked Full Money Back Guarantee.  Once you have access to this software, you can start earning hundreds of dollars just today. If after you change your mind and for some crazy reason this is not for you, simple ask us for a refund and we will refund you within minutes. You have nothing to lose, all of the risk is on us so download now.

Get Power Link Cloaker Today!

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